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Think Concept | Design | Product | Ads

What We Do

Bill Board

A high-density consumer exposure at very prime sites carefully chosen to fit your brand description and target market. This creates a quick memorable impression with the message sticking in the mind of the reader way after driving/walking past it. This is a billboard clients and the services that we offer them.

Wall Branding

Just doesn’t end at painting walls with a certain message, no! We strive to bring out the brand building element which is very crucial to the client in targeting enormous sales.
Using high quality paints for walls, our expertise is well brought out on the final product attracting mass market audiences.

Street Poles

Extremely cost-effective and difficult to be consciously avoided due its nature of sequence booking. If you were to do a comparison of this to TV, Radio and print press on a cost-per-thousand basis, you’d find that your value for money is well addressed with Street Pole Advertising. Transad has been a major ads driver in East Africa.

Think Concept | Design | Product | Ads

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Creative Solutions
  • Build & Install

We work with renowned designers to create attractive street furniture that blends harmoniously with its environment. We design street furniture that will develop or reinforce the identity of the site where it is located. Our street poles is built with high-quality materials like glass and steel, selected for their style and durability.

Transad is committed to continually developing and sharing international insight into audience behaviour in the outdoor space. We offers unparalleled resources and understanding of Out-of-Home effectiveness within the media mix. We offer partners and clients access to unique tools and resources, which open doors to optimised targeting and increased campaign effectiveness.

Transad Creative Solutions use innovative methods to deliver attention-grabbing campaigns across all environments. Transad Creative Solutions offer multi-dimensional, results-driven  communication that creates memorable interaction with your target audience in the real world.

We have increasingly diverse presence further enhances the medium’s ability to build brands. The medium offers a sustained and high-frequency communication opportunity, touching audiences with a client’s message at decision making moments throughout their day.

Think Concept | Design | Product | Ads

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